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About Us

About Us

Our Vanillamg.com store is dedicated to Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, which is one of the most famous Vanilla bean’s in the world.

Vanillamg has selected for you the best quality Vanilla beans collected from small local organic producers in Madagascar.

The finest vanilla beans from Madagascar. Each bean has been hand picked, carefully sun cured for six months. Long, black, gourmet, bursting with intense flavor, in lengths of 8 to 10 inches long, these are beans of unparalleled quality and some of the largest in the world! Add a whole vanilla bean to fruit during stewing, or split the bean open and scrape the tiny seeds into gelato, yogurt or whipped cream. Add a pod to infuse your sugar with the divine vanilla flavor or make your own vanilla extract.

At VanillaMg, we offer gourmet quality, hand-selected, single-origin Bourbon vanilla beans that we source directly from small-scale growers in Madagascar. Our clients include gourmet chocolate makers, fine dining restaurants, home chefs, and others who appreciate quality products sourced in an equitable manner. All of our beans are cultivated naturally, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

These delicious beans are wonderful to use, and make a great addition to desserts, sauces, drinks and baked goods. Try substituting real vanilla beans for vanilla extract in any recipe, or use our vanilla beans to make your own gourmet extract.